It is International Composting Awareness Week, May 5-11.

Did you know:

*Food waste accounts for around 40% of what gets sent to landfill
*The average Victorian household throws out approximately $2,200 worth of food each year (that is equivalent to 1 in 5 bags of food)
*Food waste does not break down effectively in landfill conditions therefore contributing greenhouses gases

In our house we compost our food scraps via three methods: a worm farm, Bokashi bin and outdoor compost bins. And since doing so we have reduced the amount of rubbish that goes into the regular landfill bin.

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strawberry patch
strawberry patchMy brother in law came across these unwanted storm water pipes and offered them to me.

Yes please!

Conveniently he has a tow truck and dropped them off to our house.


I already knew I wanted to update our existing strawberry patch as it was at ground level and prone to the dog walking all over it. These would be perfect for a new strawberry garden. Hubby had the idea of drilling some holes in the sides of the pipes to allow for some plants to hang out. Once drilled, we positioned the pipes in a sunny spot and began filling them with dirt, leaves and compost. We divided up some of our strawberry plants and poked them into the side holes. We topped up the pipes with more soil and gave them a water. We let the side plants have some time before we planted more strawberry plants in the tops of the pipes.

We probably shouldn’t really have bothered with the side plants as most of them didn’t do very well. The top plants have thrived and already have started shooting new growth and flowering.

But there’s more…

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