The bathroom can be a big offender in producing lots of waste but there are some easy changes you can make to reduce that.

I am slowly making better environmental choices as I use up what I already have and seek out unwasteful alternatives. I like to look for reusable options, plastic-free, no/low packaging and products that are low tox. Here are a few suggestions to start you off:
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A menstrual cup. Yep. It’s true. This is the best swap I’ve made! About two years ago my sister and I decided to leap in together and both get a cup. It does take some getting used to, but so worth it. It makes the whole monthly experience easier and definitely unwasteful! One cup can last up to ten years and replaces the need to regularly purchase disposable products. We chose JuJu, which is an Australian brand, and I highly recommend it. I encourage you to read about it, read some reviews and then just do it. Here’s my affiliate link and if you purchase here I may earn a few dollars:

I have switched to ‘No Pong’ paste deodorant. It’s Australian made, all natural, plastic-free and lasts for ages. Even after a workout there is no pong! It comes in a cute little tin and I have repurposed one already to store my earrings in.

Bar shampoo/conditioner – These are becoming more popular and a great low waste option as they replace the need for plastic bottles. Usually they come packaged in a cardboard box. I’ve only recently started on my first bars of shampoo and conditioner, but so far so good. Alternatively, there are places where you can refill your containers if you prefer liquid shampoo or conditioner. This is still a great option to minimize waste.

Some other simple swaps I have made include:
*Bamboo toothbrush
*Homemade toothpaste (I’m still in the experimenting stage!)
*Homemade dry shampoo
*Recycled toilet paper

I also keep a bucket in the shower to collect water. Just like back in the days of water restrictions! You’d be surprised how much water is wasted just waiting for the shower to heat up. We use this water for the indoor plants, on the garden and sometimes even to flush the toilet.

There are still areas for me to improve on. My face moisturiser and body lotion are in plastic bottles and I’m yet to find something I like to replace those. My mascara isn’t plastic-free either but I chose one with no excess packaging. Also I’m still pondering about switching to a safety razor but, honestly, they scare me a little!

So where will you start? What changes have you already made? I’d love to hear!