upcycled skirt

Miss 7 requested that I not make another pair of shorts from her holey leggings.

This knee hole was well beyond repair. Most of her knee cap was protruding out of it! Usually I would chop the legs off and turn them into shorts which she would wear under skirts or dresses. But this time she had other ideas.

“Can you use this bit and make it into a skirt?” Miss 7 asked.

I think I can!

Scissors in hand, I chopped off most of the pants (which will be used a cleaning rags) and saved the waistband for the skirt. I rifled through my fabric scraps, pulling out useable sized pieces. To make the skirt I needed enough fabric to equal double her waist measurement and to reach about knee level ice attached to the waistband.

After about ten minutes I hear, “is it ready yet?!”. I’m not a miracle worker dear child!

It was an afternoon project which took a few (interrupted) hours. I cut the pieces, lay them out across the floor, read books to the kids, sew a few rows, settle an argument, sew some more, stop to feed the dog, sew some more… That’s how I usually get stuff done around here.

And, finally, ta da! Skirt is finished.