Visible mending

I love sewing.

I started sewing when my daughter was a few months old. Hubby and I were wandering through a market looking at all the cute baby stuff and I thought, “I could do that!”, so I did.

Fast forward to now and I am right into visible mending. Or just mending. It doesn’t always need to be visible but I do like to show the fact that I am purposefully extending the life of our stuff. And this is something that I have even doing for a while now anyway, but now it’s something I do more consciously.

I’m mending my own clothes. I’m mending my husband’s. The kids’. My sister’s. My brother-in-law’s. If it’s made of fabric, I’m mending it!

This throw-away world we are living in is not sustainable. Clothes are so cheap these days and easy to replace. But I don’t want to be part of that. I don’t want my kids to live like that. So, for now anyway (while they let me), I am teaching them that we should look after our things, to make them last, and repair where we can.